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Like his father, Johnny Cash often snacked on peanuts. For much of his adult life, he would regularly sprinkle a handful of them on his father's grave whenever he had a chance to visit after Ray Cash's death in 1985. A few times a year, including Father's Day, John Carter Cash pays his famous father a visit and leaves behind a few peanuts for the Man in Black.

"People go to his gravesite and leave all kinds of things, and if anybody ever sees a few little peanuts, that's me or my sisters."

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"Johnny Cash: American Rebel” will premiere on CMT on September 12, the anniversary of his passing, at 9 p.m. ET. The two-hour documentary is a celebration of the larger-than-life Johnny Cash from the unique perspective of the Man in Black's greatest songs, with the film being built around the 10 greatest Johnny Cash tracks, the “essentials." Each song brings to life a chapter in the story of America from the 1950s to modern day, as we tour the life of music and artistic expression of one of music's most storied talents.

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What's Your Favorite Johnny Cash Tune?


"I Walk the Line" b/w "Get Rhythm" by Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two is released, reportedly a 2 million seller, hits #1 C&W and top 20 pop. Cash signs his first management deal with Bob Neal, Presley's manager prior to Col. Tom Parker.


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