Johnny Cash’s Family Gathers In Arkansas For 80th Birthday Tribute

The family of Johnny Cash visited Region 8 Sunday afternoon to celebrate the life of the country music icon with his fans on what would have been Cash’s 80th birthday. The family is partnering with Arkansas Heritage Sites office at Arkansas State University to restore the home and community where Cash lived with his parents and siblings for 15 years of his life.

The Cash family believes the project is a huge honor to the legacy of Cash, as well as his parents Ray and Carrie. “My sister Joanne and I are the last two siblings, and we’re just overjoyed about what’s going on, and the restoration of our old home place is very exciting for all of us,” said Tommy Cash. “My parents would really be proud that we’re being honored this way and I couldn’t help but think about them all day today and how much they would’ve enjoyed being here.”