Johnny Cash’s Personal Relationships Immortalized In Son’s Book – Rolling Stone

John Carter Cash recently spoke with Rolling Stone regarding his memoir, House Of Cash: The Legacies Of My Father, Johnny Cash, which was released in paperback last month. The original hardcover book was published in 2012. Here is an excerpt from the magazine:

The Cash Cabin is decorated with engaging heirlooms, including a hand-drawn poster of how to play “I Walk the Line” on guitar, given to John Carter Cash as a child by his father. Getting up from the table, he points out the autographs scrawled on the fireplace mantle, next to a “JC” branded into the wood. That black etching coincides with the 1979 construction of the cabin.

Later he explains that the framed photos of a turtle and crab were taken by his father in Jamaica. Large black-and-white photos of Johnny and June hang from nearly every wall.

“You find these treasures in spirit, first of all,” he says. “To me, those are the greatest treasures — the personal letters between my parents. The things that show spiritual marks in his life, like when he began to have a relationship with my mother’s father, Ezra. His spirit modified and became a lot stronger. And then the letters to me, of course. But there was so much there and it begged to be preserved; it begged to be put [together] in the right away.”

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