Recollections By J.R. Cash – New Book Available Now

I gave this book to my father in 1995 and asked him to fill in the answers to the questions about his childhood. On my birthday the following year, I received the completed book as a gift.

Dad was a natural historian. He had a keen memory and an expansive intellect, grounded in a simple, honest hardworking upbringing in a family that originally contained nine, reduced to eight after the tragic death of his brother Jack at the age of 13. His stories are unique and his feeling about them a palpable.

… I have held this book close to my heart for all these years. With no hesitation, knowing that Dad would be proud to share these stories, I now want to share it with his fans, friends, and family to cherish, as I do.
– Tara Cash Schwoebel

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Recollections by J.R. Cash